Summer Enrichment Program

The end of the school year is often accompanied by cheers of joy, screams of excitement, and thoughts of fun activities that will be experienced all summer long. The Board of Education, administration and staff recognize that the summer months provide an important period of rest and relaxation for students who have been working diligently over the last nine months. We wish them a happy and healthy summer break!

Though the summer recess is important for students and staff, it is well documented that the long break correlates with a lack of retention of information that students have learned over the course of the preceding school year. According to Oxford Learning, students lose about two to three months of material that they had learned during the school year over the summer months. This means that when the new school year begins, teachers must spend the first few months re-teaching material that had been covered the previous year; which, in turn, means that classes may be playing catch up all year long.

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Thank you for your continued interest and support.  It has made our program a great success.  

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