Accelerated Math

We offer accelerated math for all grades (K-12). We creates individualized and data driven lessons where we monitor and manages student progress in detailed oriented sessions. We provides instant feedbacks to the students where they will learn on-hands real time analysis of their lessons. We are aligned with C.C.S.S and test-prep compatible that meets the guidelines of NJ State Board of Educations.

Early Numeracy, Grades K-12, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra II

  • Creates math assignments tailored to each student’s current level.
  • Automatically scores all math practice, including assignments and tests.
  • Provides ongoing feedback on student’s daily practice.
  • Helps differentiate instruction, addressing student’s individual needs.

Accelerated Math content is built upon a research-based set or core objectives, prerequisite maps, and learning progressions from early numeracy through geometry that students need to achieve proficiency in mathematics. 

Students progress through grade-level libraries by mastering objectives. After one objective is mastered, students move forward. Accelerated Math is a scientifically based, continuous progress-monitoring system for educators that produces daily, personalized, student math practice and assessments. 

A Web-based math learning progression tool accompanies Accelerated Math, allowing the teacher to see, research, and identify core skills, prerequisite skills, and additional learning support. 

How Accelerated Math Provides Personalized Practice:

  1. Teacher Reviews Status of the Student
  2. Teacher Delivers Instruction
  3. Students Practice Objectives
  4. Teacher Reviews Objectives
  5. Teacher Monitors Progress