Accelerated Math Online

Accelerated Math (AM), a Renaissance Learning product, is an online standards-aligned math practice resource for students in grades K-8 and those taking Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II courses. Accelerated Math gives teachers the options to use the product’s assessment tools to create differentiated instruction groups, while also maintaining the autonomy to assign materials to students as they see fit. Students work through AM’s Core Progress learning progressions to master Common Core State Standards and foundational math skills. Districts can obtain pricing information for Accelerated Math through the Renaissance Learning website.

Accelerated Math relies on its Core Progress learning progression framework to sequence and scaffold skills necessary to master Common Core State Standards. The resource identifies what students know then determines what students can and should learn next based on requisite skills. Accelerated Math uses STAR Math, the company’s assessment program, to determine learner abilities and needs. AM allows teachers to differentiate instruction while providing instant feedback to learners about their progress.

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