Academy Entrance Exam Prep

There are many reasons why a private middle school or high school could be the best option for your student: Some children need and thrive on the extra teacher attention, while others relish the additional academic challenges or more plentiful arts programs. Introverted students often do better in smaller classes, and bullied students can feel safer in private school environments.  

Private schools can offer families a lot, but the admissions process, which can begin a year or more ahead of the entry year (as early as fourth grade for students looking at private middle schools), might seem daunting. The first hurdle many families find in their research is the following set of abbreviations: ISEE and SSAT. No, these are not the latest versions of bird flu, but rather the two- to three-hour multiple-choice exams that most private schools require for admission. For many families, these exams bring confusion and anxiety.

Just like every human endeavor, the key to success with these tests is preparation. Strategic planning alleviates test anxiety and can deliver great results. We’ve seen thousands of students from around the world conquer these tests and have found that preparing well for intimidating entrance exams can not only increase students’ scores, but also develop important academic skills, boost student confidence, and inspire feelings of optimism and self-efficacy.

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